Keith Richards

Keith Richards was born on December 18, 1943 in Dartford, England. He met with Mick Jagger in primary school in 1951 but three years later they went to different schools. Keith Richards already had an interest in music and played in a choir that performed for the Queen. He started to play the guitar and later was sent to the Sidcup Art School. At that school he met Dick Taylor who would later become the guitarist for Pretty Things. Dick Taylor was playing in a band with Mick Jagger. Keith Richards joined the band, which would eventually become the Rolling Stones. Their official debut on stage was in 1962. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards started composing original material. The Rolling Stones became superstars with “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” After Brain Jones’ death in 1969, the Rolling Stones become more of a hard rock band.

The Rolling Stones were experiencing some problems in the early 70’s and Keith Richards’ heroine addiction was affecting the band’s recordings. At the time he was living with his girlfriend Anita Pallenberg and had 2 children with her. In 1976 and 1977, Keith Richards did a few solo sessions in the studio. Then the next year, Keith Richards was arrested for cocaine possession. He was also caught in possession of heroin in Toronto. He was, however, able to avoid jail time but this legal scare did result in Keith Richards cleaning up his act. In 1978, the Rolling Stones returned with “Some Girls.” It was said to be their strongest album in years.

In 1983 Keith Richards married Patti Hansen and had two daughters with her. Around the same time, Mick Jagger had decided he wanted the Rolling Stones to move in the direction of contemporary pop but Keith Richards did not agree with this. Mick Jagger started out on a solo career that took precedence over the Stones. Jagger and Richards began to feud and Keith Richards formed the band Xpensive Winos. In 1988 Keith Richards released his first solo album ”Talk Is Cheap”. The album was a big success and went gold and Keith Richards started a supporting tour. The success of Keith Richards solo career persuaded Mick Jagger to return and concentrate on the Stones. In 1989 the Rolling Stones put out their Steel Wheels album, which became a big success. Both Keith Richards and Mick Jagger did work on solo projects in the early 90’s. Keith Richards released his second studio album “Main Offender” in 1992 and this solo album was also well received. After doing that solo work, Keith Richards concentrated on touring and recording with the Stones.

In 2002 they started their last world tour 40 Licks marking their 40th Anniversary as the greatest rock and roll band.