Angus Young

Angus Young was born on March 31, 1955 in Glasgow Scotland. Angus’ family moved to Australia after his birth. Angus Young is one of the most famous blues and hard rock guitar players ever. Angus has been the lead guitarist of the notorious Australian hard rock legends AC/DC. Angus Young writes most of the AC/DC songs. Angus Young and his brother Malcolm Young founded AC/DC in 1973. The Angus brothers played in Tantrum, Kentuckee and several other bands, before starting AC/DC.

AC/DC are one of the pioneers of heavy and hard rock and they have sold over 100 million copies of their 17 albums worldwide.

Angus Young is famous for his extravagant stage appearances; he usually wears High school uniform on stage. Angus Young is well known for his frantic moves on stage.

Angus Young plays Gibson SG guitar that became his trademark along with his High school uniform stage outfit. Angus uses Marshal amplifiers.

Angus Young is an excellent lead guitarist with unique style, which is an integral part of AC/DC sound. Angus is famous for his extraordinary solos in “The Jack”, “Whola Lotta Rosie”, and many more AC/DC songs.