Washburn has been building guitars for over 100 years. In 1883, Washburn’s history began in Chicago. Washburn Guitars has a long history of craftsmanship and innovation. These qualities of Washburn Guitars have remained throughout the test of economics and competition. Even with the changing styles over the years, the guitars are still built according to high standards. The name Washburn has been found among the finest stringed instruments in the world.

Washburn and Washburn’s history has been written about in a book entitled Washburn: 100 years of fine stringed Instruments. The book was published by 20th Century Guitars and distributed by Music Sales Corp. In the book, it is pointed out that Washburn has been a strong innovator. They have led industry standards over the years. Washburn has been noted in some early history documents as being the first guitar manufacturer to use artist endorsements. They were also said to be the first to build large-bodied acoustic guitar. In Washburn’s more recent history they have been known for their solid body electric guitars. Washburn has also gained recognition for their innovative designs of electric acoustic guitars.

In recent years, Washburn has seen continued growth of their company. There have been many guitar innovators who have become part of the Washburn family. Some of these individuals include: Nuno Bettencourt, Dimebag Darrell, Paul Stanley and Jennifer Batten. They are among a select few artists who have been honored with a Washburn signature model guitar.

In modern day, Washburn continues to build innovative and excellent guitars. They offer standard electric guitars, acoustic and electric acoustic guitars, student sizes and even min electric guitars. They have a variety of options for musicians of all ages and abilities.