BC Rich

Back in the 70ís, B.C. Rich Guitars became known as the official heavy metal guitars. High standards have also been used in creating high quality guitars with unique shapes and a high level of workmanship. The story of B.C. Rich dates back more than three decades.

The history of B.C. Rich began with Bernie Rico. He built his first custom electric solid body guitar in 1968. Rico began using a neck-through construction. The neck-through design had a heelless neck joint. Today, this characteristic is still found in many B.C. guitars. This characteristic became an important feature of B.C. Richís high end models.

In 1986, the B.C. Rich Assassin guitar was introduced. This guitar had one humbucker and one single coil pickup. IT also had an angular reverse head stock and a 24-fret ebony fretboard without inlays.

Class Axe made Bernie Rico an offers to license the name B.C. rich. They wanted to do so for three years. So from 1990-1993, he had no control over B.C. Rich. Therefore, in 1990, he stared a new guitar company called Mason Bernard. These guitars were based on the B.C. Rich Assassin model. It has been said that only around 225 of these guitars were made.

Bernie Rico also stressed the high quality materials and workmanship that were used in these guitars. The Mason Bernard Guitars were handmade. For the three years that Bernie Rico did not have control of B.C. Rich he missed the business which is why he worked on the new company and the guitars that were based on the Rich Assassin Model. He regained control of B.C. Rich in 1993, but he passed away in 1999.

The B.C. Rich name brand is still going strong. They continue to produce unique guitars. B.C. Rich still implements the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in their guitars. Their instruments are loved and praised by players and collectors alike.

When you visit http://www.bcrich.com/guitars.asp, you will find an assortment of bass guitars, electric guitars and acoustic guitars. They product guitars for the professional concert band players as well as entry-level. Each model of guitars is built with high quality and unique looks. They all produce excellent tones when played.